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Budapest-Kelebia railway line renovation starts in February - trains will be replaced by buses

20th január 2022

On 1 February 2022, the renovation of the Budapest-Kelebia railway line 150 will start with the closure of the section between Délegyháza and Kelebia.

From then on, S25, G25 and Z25 trains will run only between Budapest-Keleti and Délegyháza.

On the rest of the route, trains will be replaced by buses: in addition to the train replacement buses, the Volánbusz regional buses will operate.

It is important to know that not all municipalities along the railway line will be accessible by train replacement bus, they will be served by regional bus services of Volánbusz.
To plan your journey, we recommend using the journey planner on or Google maps.

Regional bus services in substitution of railway line Budapest–Kunszentmiklós-Tass–Kelebia (click on the image to open the pdf)


Train replacement buses

The MÁV-Start tariff applies for the train replacement buses. They can be used with train tickets and rail passes, which can be purchased in the usual way at railway ticket offices, ticket machines, or in their absence (or when the ticket office is closed) at from the ticket controller, or online via the MÁV app. MÁV-Start provides information about the stops and timetables of the replacement buses on its website and through its notices on the train schedule.

Train replacement buses will operate on the following routes:

  • S25, G25, Z25
    With connection to trains S25, G25 or Z25 trains from Délegyháza to Kunszentmiklós, Kálvin tér bus stop via Kiskunlacháza and Dömsöd.
  • S250
    Kecskemét–Kiskunhalas (–Kelebia)

    Typically runs every two hours, connecting to the Szeged-Budapest IC trains at Kecskemét.
    In the morning and afternoon, 1-1 pair of trains runs to Kelebia.

More details about the trains and the bus services can be found on the MÁV website as well as in this pdf

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Regional bus services

On certain sections of the railway line, the trains will be replaced by regional buses of Volánbusz instead of train replacement buses during the renovation. Volánbusz fares are applied on these services.

New lines between Budapest and Kiskunhalas:

The buses run at regular intervals, every hour between Budapest and Kunszentmiklós and every two hours between Budapest and Kiskunhalas: From Népliget, 5 minutes after every even, there is service 653 to Kunszentmiklós, and 5 minutes after every odd hour, there is service 1115 to Kiskunhalas. (The first 653 in the morning runs from Népliget to Kiskunhalas.)

Between Kiskunhalas and Kelebia

Other lines still concerned:

The bus timetable for the renovation period will come into force 1 day before the start of the renovation period, i.e. on 31 January 2022.


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Where can I buy tickets and passes for Volánbus services?

  • by app for tickets and passes
    Passes purchased in the app require a pass ID, which can be obtained at the Volánbus ticket offices.
  • ticket from the driver
    For cash only.
    Please prepare the exact fare as the driver may not have change.
    No passes are available at the driver.

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Further information on buying bus tickets and passes

Tickets that show the exact departure time, route and number of the bus or coach can only be used for travel on the bus or coach departing on the date and time shown on the ticket.

Acceptance of rail passes purchased before February on buses

Rail passes purchased up to 31 January 2022 will be accepted for travel between the same municipalities on scheduled bus services until the end of their validity period.

Rail passes that continue to be sold along the railway line will also be accepted for travel between the same municipalities on regular bus services.

Bus passes sold by Volánbusz will be accepted for travel between the same municipalities on the Délegyháza - Kunszentmiklós and Kiskőrös - Kiskunhalas - Kelebia replacement bus services.

Rail passes purchased from the Budapest-Keleti - Délegyháza section of the railway line to Kiskunlachaza, Dömsöd (Apaj), and Kunszentmiklós-Tass stations will also be accepted for travel on bus lines 653 and 1115 for the same route.

  Purchasing tickets for transfer journeys:

Unlike train tickets, where tickets can be purchased for any route (connection) between two stations on the rail network, which may include several trains with a transfer, bus tickets can be purchased for a specific route between two stops on a specific service. The ticket does not entitle the holder to a transfer. So, for a journey between two bus stops, if you need to transfer, you have to buy a separate ticket for each leg: from the origin to the transfer point or from the transfer point to the destination.

If you have to travel to your destination by train/replacement bus and intercity bus with a transfer, you must buy a train ticket for the rail section between the starting point and the destination (train to bus transfer) and a bus ticket for the intercity bus section, as appropriate.

In the case of passes, you can also travel by transfer at the designated transfer point within the route indicated on the ticket.

If, depending on the direction of the bus, it is possible to travel on more than one route between two stops, it is important to note that passes in the higher km zone can be used on the same route on shorter journeys, but that passes valid for the shorter km zone cannot in principle be used on longer journeys.

In the case of printed passes and zone passes (passes that do not include a route), a photo pass ID is required for full-fare passes, and a valid student ID as well as a route certification for highly discounted passes for students, which can be obtained at the Volánbusz ticket offices.

  Departure and destination stops:

Intercity bus services may stop at several stops in the same municipality. As the price of bus tickets and passes also depends on the distance traveled, it is necessary to determine exactly which stop you wish to travel from and to; this will be indicated on the pass or ticket.

Bus timetables are available on the Volánbusz website, or you can plan your journey on or on Google Maps, which will help you to easily find the start and endpoints of your journey.

  Buying in advance:

Passes and tickets can be purchased up to 30 days in advance.
Passes can only be purchased in advance, not on board the bus or coach.


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Travel on regular buses of Volánbusz

Boarding the bus

Boarding buses is generally at the front door. Passengers who have a pre-booked ticket for the service may board first, followed by those who have a pass, and finally those who buy a ticket onboard, subject to availability.

When boarding the bus or coach, the ticket or pass and, in the case of a discounted product, the document justifying the discount must be presented to the driver.

When boarding, please take a seat at the back if possible.

  Traveling with luggages

In the case of long-distance (national, inter-regional) coaches, large luggage and suitcases must be stowed in the luggage compartment under the passenger area with the assistance of the driver.


Az autóbuszok az adott járat menetrendjében feltüntetett megállókban állnak meg abban az esetben, ha van felszálló utas, illetve ha a leszállást a leszállásjelző nyomógomb megnyomásával, vagy a járművezetőnek szóban jelezve idejében jelezték.
Leszálláshoz kérjük, hogy használja a hátsó ajtót.

Buses and coaches shall stop at the stops indicated in the timetable of the service concerned, if there are passengers boarding at the stop or if a passenger on bus pressed the stop request button.

Please use the rear door to get off.

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