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Coaches for rent

We are glad to inform you that Volánbusz fulfils your orders at low prices, with a modern fleet of coaches, both for scheduled contract coaches (passenger transport, student transport) and occasional special services (school excursions, trips abroad, ski excursions and all other group journeys).

The largest fleet of coaches in Hungary guarantees your satisfaction, as well as safe and flexible transport.  You will never experience any  inconvenience during your journey, as our coaches are modern, and we pay the highest attention to the regular checkups in our own service facilities.

Our greatest enemy is the irresponsible service, as a state company, we cannot afford to call off ordered services, unlike some other companies, whose reliability can be questioned.

In addition, we take care of the law, and the rules concerning our drivers, so they are never weary and always can contentrate on their task. Its importance cannot be underlined enough, in the respect of the traveller’s safety. Our more, than 80 years experience guarantees the highest standard of our service.

Our greatest partners among others: MOL, Telenor, Auchan, Hungaroring (WTCC, DTM, Formula-1), Ace Tour Sm S.r.l., etc.

Volánbusz has special offers, and discounts for groups of 10-70 people.

From our special offers:

  • Airport transfers from 65 EUR + VAT,
  • Budapest City Tour from 105 EUR + VAT,
  • Budapest – Vienna tour from 530 EUR
  • Budapest – Krakow tour from 930 EUR

Please, ask for your special offer by filling out this formula: //, or contact us on our e-mail adress: