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Additional Client Information sheet for the passengers of domestic and international charter buses of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. and its subcontractors

Insured person

In case of domestic and international charter buses the insured is the person who is registered in the passengers’ list during the whole duration of the charter trip  and uses legally the service of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. (hereinafter: Policyholder). The beneficiary is the insured person, in case of death due to a traffic accident the beneficiary is the heir of the insured person.

Insurer’s liability

Territorial scope: Europe

In case of the domestic and international charter buses of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. the insured period begins when the insured gets on the vehicle or when he/she enters in the area of passenger transport, and will continue to be in full force and effect until leaving the vehicle or the area allocated for passenger transport. Areas allocated for passenger transport shall be understood to mean the premises of bus stations, stops where passengers may ascend or descend from vehicles, or, in the absence of such stops, the spot where such ascent or descent is possible and the place is indicated with a "bus stop" ("autóbusz-megállóhely") sign and during the journey the place (eg. gas station) where the bus stops due to traffic or traffic organizational reasons. Insurer’s liability does not cover periods of the journey not defined above (eg. time spent in hotels etc.).

Insurance events

  • death due to traffic accident
  • permanent disability due to traffic accident (10-100%)
  • accidental Inpatient treatment (daily allowance)
  • fracture or cracking of the bone, healing period in excess of 28 days
  • damage of luggage and clothing
  • refund of costs emerging due to an accident
  • reissue of official documentation

Accident shall mean a sudden external impact occurring outside the will of the Insured, in consequence of which the Insured dies or incurs corporal injury or permanent health impairment.

Insurance benefits

Details of the insurance benefits can be found in „Client Information sheet for the passengers of local, domestic, contracted and rented buses of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. and its subcontractors and in case of international lines for the passengers with tickets issued by VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd.” (hereinafter: „Client Information Sheet”).

List of benefits

Benefits Sum insured sum / person
Death due to traffic accident 2.000.000 HUF
Permanent disability due to traffic accident (10-100%) 2.000.000 HUF
accidental Inpatient treatment (daily allowance)/ 1-30 days 3.000 HUF
Fracture or cracking of the bone, healing period in excess of 28 days 50.000 HUF
refund of costs emerging due to an accident 50.000 HUF
damage of luggage and clothing 100.000 HUF
reissue of official documentation 30.000 HUF

Filing of claims, loss adjustment

The passenger affected by an insurance event shall report such event to the bus driver, or, if it took place in the area allocated for passenger traffic, to the competent manager, in the course of the travel, or in case of travelling by an international charter bus if the verbal report cannot be realized, in written form to VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. The on-board staff or other competent staff member shall take a record of the insurance event on the spot or the nearest designated VOLÁNBUSZ facility, which shall be sent to the Insured within 8 days.

Should the passenger – on account of the injury sustained - be unable to report the insurance event, then the representative of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd. shall proceed to take records of the event ex officio. Should the insurance event take place in a passenger area within the VOLÁNBUSZ facility, and no records may be taken, then the burden of proof to verify occurrence of the event shall be with Insured (e.g. by way of police or ambulance records on the accident). Should the damage to luggage arise from robbery, the aggrieved passenger shall report the crime also to the police, in which case payment of indemnification is subject to the final resolution of the police. Insurer shall have access to any and all documents and proof that are required for assessing the claim.

In addition to the documents required for verifying and assessing the claim for damages (e.g. death certificate, official certificate, final resolution, medical documents, hospital discharge report), the records taken by VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. shall also be provided to Insurer.  Details of the documents required to prefer a claim  can be found in „Client Information Sheet”

The claim shall be filed in writing by the Insured or the Beneficiary to the Insurer within 8 days of occurrence thereof. The Insured shall be obliged to provide full and true information to the Insurer on the circumstances of the insured event and the insurance contract, furthermore the Insured/Contractor shall be obliged to enable the verification of the contents of the report and information.

Insurer shall provide the indemnification to verified claimant within 15 days of receiving the last document necessary for verifying entitlement to the claim. Payments that would be delayed due to delayed submission of the claim or documents necessary for its settlement will be made by the Insurer without paying any interest.

The benefit may be received by the Insured or his/her heirs.

In case insured events occurring during international travel the Insured passenger can call the below assistance phone number where his/her call will be attended during 24 hours a day in Hungarian and English:

+36 1 458 4483

In the frame of assistance service the Insurer receives claim reports and provides information.

Waiver of the insurer, exclusions:

Cases of waiver of the insurer and the applied exclusions can be found in „Client Information Sheet”.

The following items shall not be deemed as luggage, and other assets not covered hereunder, are as follows:

  • jewelry, articles made of precious metals, pieces of art, collections, precious furs, sunglasses (excepting ordinary glasses), stamps and musical instruments, arms and ammunition;
  • cash, Hungarian or foreign banknotes, cash equivalents (money orders, bank cards, credit cards, check card, promissory note, cash-note, savings book or other document issued in relation thereof, and any other document under whatever title with the same financial intent), security, cash-notes, passes, travel tickets;

After 2 years from the day of the occurrence of the insurance event all claims stemming from this insurance will lapse.

Registration of data, complaint procedures

Rules of data registration and complaint procedures can be found in „Client Information Sheet”.

UNIQA Insurance Co. wishes a pleasant journey to the passengers of VOLÁNBUSZ Co. Ltd.