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Name of service provider: VOLÁNBUSZ Transporting Company Limited by Shares
Seat of Company: H-1091 Budapest, Üllői út 131.
Phone: 00361-219-8000
E-mail address:
Registry Court: Metropolitan Tribunal
Registry No: 01-10-042156
Authority allowing the practice of activity, licence no, availability:
  • Budapest Capital III. District Government Office
    Address: 1033 Budapest, Harrer Pál u. 9–11.
    E-mail address:
  • ASZ – 01 / 000020
Taxation No: 10824346-2-44
Professional advocacy organization as member:
  • Volán Union
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Budapest
Range of professional rules and the way of accessibility can be seen here in Hungarian language:
Name, seat and availability of hosting service provider:
Wildom Ltd.
H-1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly Krt. 59.