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The Kelenföld International Ticket Office of  VOLÁNBUSZ can be found in Budapest at Kelenföld bus station.

The opening hours of Kelenföld international ticket office:

  • -on workdays:                   07:00-18:00
  • weekends and holidays:  07:00-16:00  

Cases to arrange: 

  • purchasing of an international busticket for international VOLÁNBUSZ; for some Eurolines services and for all FlixBus services
  • modifying of international bustickets
  • recording of tickets participating in Frequent Traveller Program
  • refund of a busticket purchased personally from VOLÁNBUSZ
  • putting a request for refund a busticket purchased online from VOLÁNBUSZ

Necessary documents: 

To buy a ticket we ask you to bring the travel document(s) /ID or passport/ of the passanger(s) or the copy of that.  
In case the passanger needs a visa to travel we ask you to present that as well. (for the journey the original documents are necessary certainly)


You can pay in the international ticket office by cash (HUF only) and by credit card.