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What you should know about domestic online ticket purchases

Dear Customer,

The following information has been put together to help you understand the ticket purchase process and find your way through the various steps of the procedure. To make sure that you are informed of all of the available options and conditions you are kindly requested to carefully read the following.

Tickets and supplementary tickets

You can purchase your ticket and the associated supplementary ticket on our website for those of the nationwide services run by VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. that depart from and arrive at the Népliget, Stadion, Árpád híd, and Újpest-Városkapu bus stations. Moreover, you can purchase your ticket and the associated supplementary ticket for certain services of those VOLÁN companies that have joined VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt’s online ticket sales system, on which more information is available on VOLÁNBUSZ’s website at Frequently Asked Questions.

Tickets can be purchased from the terminals and certain interim stops in Budapest – in the case of travelling to Budapest, tickets can be purchased from all of the stops from which it is enabled by the system.

Supplementary tickets must be purchased for designated national services, the price of which – depending on the length of the journey – is automatically added by the online ticket sales system to the amount payable for the ticket. The system also adds the data of the supplementary ticket to the domestic ticket you have purchased.

If you have any questions, please call any of our customer service lines available on VOLÁNBUSZ’s website.

The ticket purchase process

  1. Select the departure and destination towns. Select the type of the journey (single trip or round trip), the date of the trip from the calendar, including the return trip’s date in the case of a round trip.
  2. The purchase data already set is displayed in the summary data area on the right hand side of the screen during each step of the purchase ticket process.
  3. If you are using a small mobile device, the purchase data are accessible by clicking on the basket icon next to the select language icon. Select the places of boarding/alighting from the list and then using the +/- buttons. Enter the number of tickets you need of each type. If you are purchasing a discount ticket, do not forget to check the conditions of use, under the fare schedule on our website.
  4. Select the service you wish to take.
  5. In the seating diagram displayed on the screen, select the seat in the bus you wish to reserve.
  6. Please read the important details on invoicing data.
    Choose the mode by which you request your invoice. If you request an electronic invoice, enter the buyer’s invoicing data.
    Enter your email address.
  7. Check the data and make any necessary corrections.
    To modify purchase data, press Back to return to the required step of the purchase process or start a new purchase choosing the house pictogram on the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. Read and accept our terms and conditions of travelling and then go on to the bank payment page.
  9. Enter the requested data on CIB Bank’s bank card payment page (card number, expiry date, CVC code), check the data and confirm payment.
  10. After payment is made, you will receive an automated message concerning the successful transaction in the mailbox you have specified, with all of the important details of the purchase transaction.

    Enclosed to the e-mail message you will see a document containing the domestic ticket(s). The tickets for the two legs of the journey will appear separately in the document.

Confirmation containing the ticket

Please note that VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt’s ticket sales system automatically sends you the e-mail message containing the domestic ticket(s) after purchase, therefore if you entered a wrong e-mail message or if the message cannot be transmitted because your mail box is full, VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. will not replace the ticket if you fail to receive it and the company does not accept liability for any loss or damage.

The confirmation itself does not allow you to start the journey.

Owing to the unreliability of their services, you are kindly advised not to request your ticket to be sent to the following e-mail operators:


VOLÁNBUSZ accepts no liability for any damage or loss stemming from wrong email addresses entered by the customer or from the stability problems of the operator’s e-mail service provider.


Information on fare discounts in place at any point in time is available at the VOLÁNBUSZ website under fare schedule.

Please note that certificates of eligibility to any discount must be presented upon embarking on the journey. Our bus drivers will check your eligibility to the discount.

If your eligibility is not proven beyond doubt, you will have to purchase the ticket of the proper eligibility.


Tickets purchased online must be presented to the bus driver when alighting the bus, as well as to the inspector in the case of a ticket or pass check. You must keep your ticket until the end of the trip in case it needs to be presented for a check. You are kindly asked to arrive at the place of departure at least 15 minutes in advance; otherwise the seat you reserved in advance may be assigned to another passenger.

Please be aware that if the mobile device is technically unsuitable for presenting the ticket for inspection (e.g. dead battery, broken device), or if the passenger does not make it possible to check the tickets in a clearly legible form, the operator will assume that the passenger is attempting to travel without valid travel documents, which can result in that he or she may have to purchase the ticket(s) again and may face a surcharge.

Returning of tickets

You can initiate the return of your ticket - before the departure of the given service - on the following link:


  • If the ticket is returned before the departure of the service, a 20 % handling fee is subtracted off the price of the ticket. The ticket is taken back at the passenger’s request and after the subtraction of the handling charge the remaining amount is returned to your account.
  • The time of the crediting of the amount to your account depends primarily on the lead-time of the bank operating the payment page and that of the account keeping bank.
  • Tickets cannot be returned after the departure of the service.

If you return a ticket purchased against an invoice, you are kindly asked to bring back the invoice as well. In such cases the ticket is taken back only together with the invoice.

Modification of a ticket

A ticket purchased online can only be used for the service for which it was purchased – it cannot be used beforehand or thereafter. A ticket cannot be modified. If you wish to modify your ticket you need to purchase another one and return the previously purchased one for a refund.

Issuance of tickets

The following two invoicing options are available on VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt’s online ticket sales interface:

No electronic invoices

If the buyer does not wish to receive an electronic invoice, only the confirmation of the purchase and the attached pdf ticket(s) is/are sent to the given email address, and VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. makes sure that after the purchase upon the presentation of the ticket, it issues a paper-based invoice for the ticket(s) at its domestic ticket offices.

I wish to receive an electronic invoice of the full-fare tickets and accept its electronic transmission in PDF format

If the buyer wishes to receive an electronic invoice, he or she accepts that VOLÁNBUSZ sends the invoice for the full-fare tickets electronically, in PDF format, with the invoicing data and to the email address specified by the buyer.

Please note that electronic invoices may only be made out for full-fare tickets, therefore in the case of purchasing discount tickets you need to select ‘No electronic invoice.’

Before you request an electronic invoice, please ask your employer or accountant about the acceptability of electronic invoices in PDF format, which contains the invoice data – in accordance with the applicable statutory regulation – besides the PDF format, as well as in an xml format as an attachment.

Passenger insurance

Both domestic tickets purchased online and tickets purchased in person include passenger insurance.

Thank you for reading this information!