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Thanks to an agreement with Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt., from 23 March 2020 you can purchase your tickets and, from 1 April 2020, also your season tickets, using the Transport Mobile Ticket application. In the app, you can find all types of our intercity tickets and the local fare products of the municipalities where Volánbusz is the service provider.

Tickets purchased for our services are valid for one journey, from validation to alighting, and can be used for 30 days from the set first day of travel. Please note that a mobile data connection is required to purchase and use tickets and travel passes!


  • What is the Transport Mobile Ticket App?
    The Transport Mobile Ticket Application is an application, also operated as a Volánbusz sales channel, which allows the purchase via a mobile application, of tickets and travel passes for use on certain intercity and local services operated by Volánbusz. An active mobile data connection is required for purchase and use.
  • Where can I download the app?
    The applications can be downloaded from the following link:
  • Can I buy tickets/passes in other apps?
    Yes, you can also buy tickets or travel passes through NM Zrt’s reseller partners, currently Simple by OTP, Voxpay, BudapestGO, K&H+, YETTEL Wallet, Telekom Mobilvásárlás, CityApp Kecskemét, CityApp Tata and SzolnokApp.
  • Does the mobile ticket mean that the paper ticket will be discontinued?
    The possibility of ticket purchase through the Transport Mobile Ticket app does not cancel the opportunity to purchase the current paper tickets, but is a new sales channel, with which Volánbusz is trying to promote the advance purchase of tickets. Tickets and season tickets will still be available at sales points of Volánbusz and its partners and, in some cases, from its vending machines.
  • Which tickets/passes can I buy in the app?
    The tickets available in the apps are local and fare kilometre zone-linked intercity tickets, as well as long-distance supplementary tickets.
    Tickets available in the app: local (by route: single-line, all-line passes, combined all-line monthly, inner and outer area; by validity: 24-hour, weekly, half-monthly, 30-day, monthly, quarterly, passes; by discount: full fare, student, pensioner). Intercity: Full-fare and reduced-price Hungary passes and Pest county passes.
  • What information do I need to provide when buying a travel pass?
    When purchasing a travel pass, you must provide the number of the certificate/pass certificate - issued by Volánbusz - with which the passenger intends to use the travel pass.
    For Hungary and county passes, the number of the valid identity document (e.g., identity card, driving licence, student card) must be provided.
    The CityApp Kecskemét application checks the form (digits and letters) of the input field of the ID numbers. 
    Before finalising your purchase, please check that you have selected the correct Public Transport Company product. In all cases, the logo of the transport service company will appear in the top left-hand corner of the fare products. 
    For more information:
  • How do I buy a local ticket for a Volánbusz service with the apps?
    Once you have downloaded the apps and registered (and, if necessary, topped up your balance), you can then choose the city for which you wish to purchase a ticket, from the list of possibilities. Local tickets can be purchased in advance at any time. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to validate your local ticket, board the bus operated by Volánbusz and start your journey. The ticket must be used within 30 days, otherwise it will become invalid and expire. A local transport mobile ticket for Volánbusz services is valid for one journey.
  • How do I buy a local travel pass for Volánbusz services in the apps?
    Once you have downloaded the apps and registered (and, if necessary, topped up your balance), you can then choose the city for which you wish to purchase a pass from the list of possibilities, select the type of pass, enter the ID number, set the validity period and then purchase the pass in the app. The purchased pass cannot be used for 2 minutes after purchase. During the set validity period, the pass entitles you to an unlimited number of trips.
  • How do I buy a mobile ticket for intercity bus services?
    After downloading the Transport Mobile Ticket app and registering - and, if necessary, topping up your balance - you can then select the Volánbusz ‘Intercity ticket’ service and buy the ticket for the kilometre zone corresponding to the distance you wish to travel. To help you choose the correct kilometre zone, you can visit the website, which is directly accessible from the app. Intercity tickets can be bought in advance at any time (without providing validity period). The ticket must be used within 30 days, otherwise it will become invalid and expire. An intercity mobile ticket is valid for one journey and only up to the limit of the kilometre zone purchased. Please also check on the website whether the route you have chosen is a national route and whether it is a national intercity route requiring supplementary tickets. Supplementary intercity tickets are only required on buses and coaches operating national passenger services with a supplementary fare; that is indicated separately on On its own, the supplementary intercity ticket does not entitle the holder to travel, except for those passengers who would otherwise travel free of charge (e.g., passengers over 65 years of age); both the ticket, and then the supplementary intercity ticket, must be validated separately by scanning their QR codes.
  • Can the Hungary and county passes be purchased through the Mobile Ticket apps?
    Yes, however, only the full fare and reduced fare Hungary pass, and the Pest county pass, can be purchased in the apps. For more information on the fare products, please visit
  • Will Hungary24 and County24 day tickets be available through the apps?
    No, those particular tickets are not available through the apps. Information on day tickets (purchasing conditions, accepting providers, etc.) can be found
  • Can I buy a ticket or travel pass for someone else?
    Yes, you can use the app to buy tickets and passes for other people travelling with you. However, it is important to note that each ticket must be validated separately, and that passes and tickets must be presented individually by scanning the code when boarding at the front door. The same individual scanning also applies to in-transit checks.
    This solution is only recommended if you always travel together and there is a technical obstacle to your fellow passengers purchasing their tickets or season tickets separately.
    Taking that into account, we recommend that each passenger buys their mobile ticket or season ticket with their own account and on their own device.
  • How do I know how many kilometres I must travel to my destination?
    On you can see the journey distance from departure to arrival.
  • When is a ticket purchased with the Transport Mobile Ticket app valid?
    Tickets must be validated by scanning the QR code on the bus before the journey begins. The system calculates the period of validity from the moment the code is scanned, with a validity period of 1 hour for local tickets and 2-10 hours for intercity tickets (depending on the kilometre distance category). Tickets must be used within 30 days of purchase. A mobile transport ticket for a Volánbusz service is valid for one journey.
  • Can I travel include a transfer using a ticket or travel pass purchased on the mobile app?
    You cannot buy a transfer ticket using the mobile ticket apps. For each transfer, a new ticket must be purchased through the apps and validated separately at the start of the journey. When boarding at the front door, the ticket must always be validated using the QR code displayed.
    A travel pass purchased on mobile apps can be used for transfer journeys. A travel pass must be validated by scanning the QR code at each boarding. When boarding the bus, in addition to presenting the animated badge, the driver must also be shown an ID card to prove entitlement to travel.
  • What should I do if I want to redeem my mobile ticket or pass?
    Tickets purchased in the apps - but not used - can be redeemed within 30 days of purchase.
    Mobile tickets can be redeemed in the app before the scheduled departure date, i.e. before validation with the QR code, and mobile travel passes can be redeemed in the app (but only there!) before the start of their validity. The price of the redeemed ticket or pass is credited to the balance or, in the case of some applications, to the passenger's bank account.
    For subscription customers using the YETTEL Wallet application, the price of the redeemed fare product will be credited to the customer's account, for card customers, the price of the redeemed fare product will be credited to the balance of the customer's card.
    When purchasing a Telekom Mobile product, customers will have their money refunded to the same balance from which they originally purchased the product.
    When redeeming in CityApp Kecskemét and CityApp Tata, the price of the redeemed product will be credited to the internal balance of the application. On the next purchase, the system will first deduct the price of the purchased product from the internal balance, and any difference will be settled via the SimplePay online payment system. 
    In the case of redemption in the SzolnokApp application, the price of the product will be refunded to the credit card used at the time of purchase, with a processing time of up to 30 days. 
  • How do the prices work? Will mobile tickets and passes be more expensive than paper ones?
    Passengers will not have to pay a convenience charge for mobile tickets and passes and, from 1 August 2020, they receive a 5% discount on ‘full-fare’ and ‘50% discount’ local and long-distance supplementary tickets purchased in the Transport Mobile Ticket app and companion apps.
    Within the YETTEL Wallet app, you can spend only up to HUF 15,000 on a single purchase. More expensive fare products are not displayed in the app. 
    Tickets and travel passes costing more than HUF 50,000 will not be displayed to customers in the Telekom Mobile Shopping app.
  • How can I pay for a ticket/pass?
    The mobile ticket is available in several apps, therefore the payment methods may differ in the apps operated by different service providers. For more information, please contact the operator of the application you are using.
    Please note that the robust customer authentication for electronic payment transactions has been in place since January, helping to protect users by allowing only the person/cardholder authorised to use the card to authenticate the purchase transaction. That can be done by entering a code received via SMS and a password from the bank, or by fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.
  • How do the apps handle discounts?
    Eligible users can buy a mobile ticket for intercity travel with a 50% discount, and a Hungary and county pass with a 90% discount. When purchasing a pass, you will need to enter the ID/certificate number of your entitlement in the app. Eligibility must also be proved at the time of inspection with the corresponding ID/certificate. Discount tickets and travel passes are only available in the app for users registered as private individuals.
  • When making a purchase, certain passes are not visible in the app as purchased products. What is the reason for that?
    Please make sure you are logged in to the correct user account! In some applications, you cannot buy student and pensioner passes if you are registered as a company, so they do not appear.
  • How can I request a VAT invoice?
    Fee products that can be purchased on mobile devices are available in several applications, so the process for requesting a VAT invoice may differ between the applications operated by different operators. Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. issues an invoice for all purchases, which is available in the application on the first calendar day following the reference month, during customer registration. For information on billing from your partner providers  (Simple by OTP, Voxpay, K&H+, YETTEL Wallet, Telekom Mobilvásárlás, BudapestGO, CityApp Kecskemét, CityApp Tata, SzolnokApp), please contact the operator of the application you are using.
  • What to do if a passenger has purchased a mobile ticket or pass and their phone runs out of battery?
    It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that the mobile phone is charged and mobile data connection is in place. In the absence of either of those, if the passenger is unable to present the purchased fare product for verification, the procedure is the same as for paper fare products, as detailed in the Bus and Coach Code of Conduct.
  • What happens if a passenger loses their phone? Can the ticket or pass purchased be used from another phone?
    The purchased fare product is assigned to the phone on which it was purchased, therefore, in case of a change of device or re-installation of the application (or similar modification of the device), the previously purchased mobile tickets or passes become inactive and cannot be used for travel. In that case, it is possible to transfer tickets and passes to the new device a limited number of times, only between identical applications.
    In the Simple by OTP app, the list of ‘Not yet valid’ tickets contains the list of fare products linked to the other device. The status of the products is indicated by a coloured bar, a grey bar indicating that the product cannot be used on that device.
    Passengers using the K&H+ app should note that tickets and travel passes purchased can only be used within the K&H mobile bank and cannot be transferred to another K&H mobile bank account.
    In the case of the BudapestGO application, it is indicated in the tag section if the product is used on another device. 
    When using the Telekom app, after inserting the SIM card into the new device and logging in to the Mobile Shopping app, you can request ‘Transfer here’ on the new device. The transfer option number will be tracked by the app and will indicate the number of options remaining.
    When using CityApp Kecskemét and CityApp Tata, if a user logs in on another device, the fare products will be displayed in a faded, veiled way, in which case the products purchased on the first device must be transferred. 
    In the SzolnokApp application, the validity period of products purchased on other devices is displayed in the same way, but the product can only be used on one device, in which case it is possible to move the products by pressing the ‘Move product’ button. If the option to move is no longer available within the app, the passenger can contact the customer service of the transport operator with a transfer request. In justified cases, the operator may provide an additional option to move the fare product, which can be used in the application.
    If you have a request for a transfer, please send it in writing, by email, to, indicating the details of the fare product (type, price, transaction ID).
  • In the event of a system failure, can passengers using a mobile ticket or pass travel free of charge?
    If the passenger is unable to purchase the mobile payment product, they are not entitled to travel. In that case, they must purchase a paper ticket or pass through another sales channel (from our kiosks, our website, our ticket offices or our bus drivers). If the fare product has already been purchased and the passenger is unable to show it on their mobile device with an active internet connection due to a system failure or for any other reason due to a system failure, the operator is liable and the passenger cannot be obliged to interrupt the journey or pay a surcharge.
  • How is it checked that I have bought a mobile ticket or pass?
    Before boarding the bus, please select your purchased ticket or pass in the app. Before validating your ticket or travel pass, make sure you have chosen the right service connection for your journey. When using our national services, if you see that the bus is very busy, ask the bus driver if there are any seats available on the bus.
    When boarding, press the ‘Validate’ or ‘Scan code to board’ button, then always scan the QR code sticker next to the front door in the app before boarding the vehicle. After successful scanning, an animated symbol will appear in the app.
    Please handle the animated symbol with due care, do not close the image of the symbol for validity until it is presented to the bus driver.
    Our company's suburban services within the administrative boundaries of Budapest can also be used with a Budapest pass. Please note that the Budapest line ticket, 30 and 90-minute tickets, are valid only on our agglomeration services within the administrative boundaries of Budapest. 
    BKK fare products purchased in the Mobiljegy app can be validated on our agglomeration routes with the blue QR code sticker on the outside of the bus. On our intercity suburban services, BKK fare products are checked by bus drivers by scanning the QR code on the control code card.
    In the case of multiple tickets (or passes), all fare products must be presented and validated (using the code scanning function).
    Upon verification, the passenger must show the original certificate/identification entitling them to any discount. 
    The employees of the contracted partner of Volánbusz Zrt. will check the validity of the fare products using a program installed on a tablet.
  • How can fare products purchased in the mobile application be presented subsequently? 
    In the case of personal presentation, please bring with you the device upon which you purchased the product. Expired fare products can be found in the app under the ‘My used/expired tickets’ tab. By selecting the product you wish to present, you will be able to see the details.
  • Does the animated image on the phone screen mean that the passenger can board the vehicle? 
    No. The image displayed should also indicate whether the fare product can be used on the particular vehicle. The display of the animation only confirms that the fare product is not fake and is valid at the time. The bus driver will check whether it is possible to board the bus at that stop with the displayed fare product. At the same time, any entitlement to a discount is also checked.
  • Do I need to use a QR code when buying a mobile ticket?
    No. The QR code is used to validate the fare products purchased in the apps before the journey starts. The stickers with the QR code are located next to the front door (outside) and around the cab.
  • Where can I report my mobile ticket-related comments and possible errors?
    For specific technical issues (e.g. app functionality, registration, payment process, invoice), please use the contact details indicated in the app you are using.
  • My ID number has changed, what should I do?
    In the NM Zrt., Simple by OTP, Voxpay, BudapestGO, K&H+, YETTEL Wallet, Telekom Mobilvásárlás, CityApp Kecskemét, CityApp Tata and SzolnokApp apps, the fee products can be redeemed before the start of the validity period and - by entering the new ID number - can be purchased again. In the case of travel passes, if the ID number provided changes within the validity period, please notify us in writing at